10 Quick Fantasy Prompts

If you're seeking a jumpstart to your fantasy writing, maybe these prompts will fuel your creativity:

Prompt 1

In a world where colors represent emotions, a colorblind artist creates paintings that evoke entirely new feelings. How does society react?

Prompt 2

A city on a giant creature's back realizes their host is dying. How do they prepare for the inevitable?

Prompt 3

A researcher trapped in a stranger's dream meets other lost souls. How do they navigate this shared nightmare?

Prompt 4

In a library where books read their visitors, one book starts predicting readers' futures. Who discovers this, and how?

Prompt 5

An ancient tree in a city square begins foretelling events. As its predictions become true, what challenges arise for the locals?

Prompt 6

Every mirror is a portal to an alternate universe which reveals your life as it would be, if you'd made a different choice in the past. You stumble across one of these portals. What do you do?

Prompt 7

Write a story about a city that comes alive. How do its inhabitants live in harmony (or conflict) with their living city?

Prompt 8

Every time a bell rings in a remote village, someone regains a lost memory. Write the story of a person desperate to hear the bell.

Prompt 9

In a world where music is forbidden, a child discovers an old musical instrument. Describe their journey of discovery and the consequences.

Prompt 10

A long-extinct animal species returns unexpectedly. What is the global response? What are the answers to long-held questions that it reveals?

Use these prompts as a springboard, but never forget that the most powerful stories come when you add a touch of your unique perspective and voice.

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